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I wonder if you'll notice if they lock me up and throw away the key?

So here is what I think can be called a multifandom icon post. Some of the icons are a little bit older (the gossip girl ones) and some a little bit newer (the glee ones) - basically nothing different from every other entry. The only different is that this post will be the first also posted at [info]zauberkuenstler, a new community I run with a few very talented people who are also really into graphics. So it's totally worth watching the comm and have a look at all the beautiful icons posted there.

[09] Glee 
[05] Kate Nash 
[06] Sex and the City
[10] Gossip Girl 
[24 ] Harry Potter 
[04]  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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Pushing Daisies

"You are lost and disillusioned!" - what an awkful thing to say

Hellou out there. It's 20in20 time again! :D
It's the last day to put the icons in and I was kinda nervous these days I wouldn't make it, so YAY, I did it. This time my victim was the wonderful and extremly hot Mr Jake Gyllenhaal <3 He deserves more then 20 icons but I wasn't able to produce some alternates since I even dislike some of these a little bit. XD So enjoy and don't worry, I'll be back soon, I applied for the next 20in20 imidietly x) Can't get enough of these little (*cough* little is NOT the wright word for a person like me who needs ages to make a decent icon *coooough*) challenges all over here on livejournal, no matter if I've got time for it or if I rather should do other more important things instead of making icons. What are you saying? Right. Is there something more important than making icons? I DON'T SUGGEST SO EITHER.

[20] Jake Gyllenhaal for guys20in20 

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it's been so long since I felt at home

This is something like a premiere for me and this journal: a promotion post! Yep, huge thing, I agree. Which brings me to another premiere of mine, I - oh my gosh, I'm really excited about this!! - joined a land comm. It's the first permantly challenge community I'm in, that have teams and several challenges and there are actual points to win. So, kinda big thing, I suggest. And the best thing: you can be part of it, too.

As you can see on the banner it's a lost challenge communitie including all kind of challenges/games. You can get there by clicking the banner above or by going this way: [info]lost_land Please ask for team others, cause you know I'm in this team and this basically means this is the best team, right? :P And if there really is somebody out there who actually join this comm because of recognizing this community by this entry, it would be lovely to tell ankeymoney sent you! :) That will get me and my team points. Thank you very much.
You're also very welcome to comment on the banner above, if you like it or not, I'm always interested in what others think about my work. 
Kirsten Dunst

forever is a long, long time when you've lost your way

Hello. Today I'm coming up with the same old, odd story I'm telling in every single entry: it's been a while since the last post and I regret haven't posted that much recently. Annoying story, isn't it? And it's even more annoying because everyone knows  that the promises to post more often and sooner are just lame alibi lies to defend yourself. So I try to refuse writing any of this ideas to protect you from all this lameness.
So - what I have been doing recently? I've got holidays, went to London (which was pretty amazing <3 but I mean is there seriously anyone out there who can resist this unique charme of London? I don't think so), came back, had two really instructive icon battles (topics: tv shows & hot guys. And you're right thinking these are topics you can work with ;3) and made some icons for this post. Aaand watch the end and with the end I mean THE END I'VE WAITED FOR, FOR AGES. I know, I'm too late, but in my country the lost series final aired just some weeks ago and I'm still in a emotional rush, I think. It was just so epic. I cried so much. Ahh. Never new lost again. So I'm repeating the question of the girl of the Jimmy Kimmel's Lost Special: "Now that Lost is over, what am I supposed to do with my life?" :P

01-18 Lost
19-34 Marie Antoinette
35-46 Various Men (from the battle with flupf & christinaa88, see the rest here )

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in this case we are children and all we can find is happy go lucky

So it's me again. Surprised, hu? Not at all? XD
What a pitty. Since this probably is the fastest update of my career on livejournal! Now you're shocked, all right? I don't blame you for not knowing cause my last entry was two weeks ago and this seems to be a pretty long (or at least OK) distance between one entry and another. But for my circumstances it's like I update again just the next day. :D So as a little present for you (and for me, too) I stop talking (writing^^) now and just post my stuff. Quietly. ;)

01-11 Harry Potter
12-20 Matthew Fox
20-25 misc actors/actresses (including: katherine heigl, rachel bilson, clive owen, jennifer aniston, shia labeouf)
26-30 Twilight/New Moon 

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so why do you waste my time? is the answer to the question on your mind

It's embarrassing and shocking and I even feel a bit distressed about it but it's the truth. This is my first entry in 2010! Yeah, shocking thing, I know. But anyway ... world won't stop turning. So I'm gonna ignore this unpleased fact and post like there isn't anything that could bother me. Great plan, isn't it? I think that's the way politicans act the whole time - "oops, we've done something bad ... well, doesn't matter, next item of agenda" XD yeah, just that way!
So, enough of useless politicans and ugly truths - let's get to my icons and to Shia. : D This is actually my first 20in20challenge and I'm really glad I've done this. XD Because 20 icons doesn't seem to be pretty much, but they took me like 2,3 weeks. but yeah, loved every minute of it. And Shia was a great reason to continue. This guy is amazing! <3 Recently I watched New York, I love you in theater (absoloutely brillant movie btw, love NYC!) starring him (and Rachel Bilson - two wonderful actos in ONE movie : D) and I really wanted to make some arts with him again, because I haven't done that lately. So enjoy and have fun until the next I'll show up here. Which probably can be ... everytime!
And before I forget - I gotta tell you that I'm looking SO forward to watch the final season lost! It will air in germany on march, 17 and I can't wait. So all I'm trying to do is not to get spoiled until then. Wish me the best of luck.  ;D

(#28) Shia LaBeouf Icons for [info]guys20in20 


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mr shia

And I need you like a heart needs a beat, but that's nothing new

Bonjour & Hello or should I say merry after-christmas?
Who is also looking forward to New Year's Eve? :D
I'm still enjoying my christmas present (like my new 30 seconds to mars album + the snow patrol best of CD! <3) and relaxing. The extra free time you get by having holidays is awesome! I watched the thrird season grey's anatomy again last week and was in a very productive mood the last days. So here are the results, grey's & lost related icons. Some of the lost icons are actually a bit older, but well who cares? x) I don't want to post just a batch of 5 or 6 icons, so I wait until I get enough icons related to a topic. Yeah, I think nobody is even interested in this stuff, so I cut here trying to avoid some sleepy readers. Have fun, see you later guys! 

[  22  ] Grey's Anatomy (mostly season 3 + some season 1 icons)
[   7   ] Ellen Pompeo
[  22  ] Lost ( Episode 5x15 "Follow the Leader")


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Pushing Daisies

I'm your biggest fan, I follow you until you love me - Paparazzi!

Yeah, I discovered this week that Lady Gaga isn't that bad as I've alwasy thought. I still do not like Pokerface that much, but Lovegame; Beautiful, dirty, rich & Paparazzi are just awesome. ;D I'm thinking about buying her album ... althought usually this isn't my favorit taste of music and it's mainstream. 8D But I hate people, who only don't do things because they are mainstream - for example, people who read twilight and loved it and now say: "after all this hype I don't like twilight anymore." Isn't this strange? Anyway, this is supposed to be an icon batch - so here it goes ... (but let me say just one sentence beore I start posting my icons, maybe it's a bit late but: I HAVE GOT A HEADER! xD I was so glad to figured out how to add one and I was really surprised how simple it acctually is!)

[ 20 ] Rachel Bilson
[ 16 ] Grey's Anatomy
[ 16 ] Keira Knightley


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