December 28th, 2009

mr shia

And I need you like a heart needs a beat, but that's nothing new

Bonjour & Hello or should I say merry after-christmas?
Who is also looking forward to New Year's Eve? :D
I'm still enjoying my christmas present (like my new 30 seconds to mars album + the snow patrol best of CD! <3) and relaxing. The extra free time you get by having holidays is awesome! I watched the thrird season grey's anatomy again last week and was in a very productive mood the last days. So here are the results, grey's & lost related icons. Some of the lost icons are actually a bit older, but well who cares? x) I don't want to post just a batch of 5 or 6 icons, so I wait until I get enough icons related to a topic. Yeah, I think nobody is even interested in this stuff, so I cut here trying to avoid some sleepy readers. Have fun, see you later guys! 

[  22  ] Grey's Anatomy (mostly season 3 + some season 1 icons)
[   7   ] Ellen Pompeo
[  22  ] Lost ( Episode 5x15 "Follow the Leader")


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