January 2nd, 2011

carrie, satc

I wonder if you'll notice if they lock me up and throw away the key?

So here is what I think can be called a multifandom icon post. Some of the icons are a little bit older (the gossip girl ones) and some a little bit newer (the glee ones) - basically nothing different from every other entry. The only different is that this post will be the first also posted at [info]zauberkuenstler, a new community I run with a few very talented people who are also really into graphics. So it's totally worth watching the comm and have a look at all the beautiful icons posted there.

[09] Glee 
[05] Kate Nash 
[06] Sex and the City
[10] Gossip Girl 
[24 ] Harry Potter 
[04]  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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