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so why do you waste my time? is the answer to the question on your mind

It's embarrassing and shocking and I even feel a bit distressed about it but it's the truth. This is my first entry in 2010! Yeah, shocking thing, I know. But anyway ... world won't stop turning. So I'm gonna ignore this unpleased fact and post like there isn't anything that could bother me. Great plan, isn't it? I think that's the way politicans act the whole time - "oops, we've done something bad ... well, doesn't matter, next item of agenda" XD yeah, just that way!
So, enough of useless politicans and ugly truths - let's get to my icons and to Shia. : D This is actually my first 20in20challenge and I'm really glad I've done this. XD Because 20 icons doesn't seem to be pretty much, but they took me like 2,3 weeks. but yeah, loved every minute of it. And Shia was a great reason to continue. This guy is amazing! <3 Recently I watched New York, I love you in theater (absoloutely brillant movie btw, love NYC!) starring him (and Rachel Bilson - two wonderful actos in ONE movie : D) and I really wanted to make some arts with him again, because I haven't done that lately. So enjoy and have fun until the next I'll show up here. Which probably can be ... everytime!
And before I forget - I gotta tell you that I'm looking SO forward to watch the final season lost! It will air in germany on march, 17 and I can't wait. So all I'm trying to do is not to get spoiled until then. Wish me the best of luck.  ;D

(#28) Shia LaBeouf Icons for [info]guys20in20 



SPECIAL - Emotions 



and the important last words
(x) please credit this journal if you're taking something (:
(x) comments are
( ) Do not post them anywhere else and claim them as your own
( ) Textless icons aren't bases
( ) Do not hotlink pls

my credits:
thanks to every texture maker from this list (:

yeah, this is it! (: have fun + your ankeymoney :*
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