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So it's me again. Surprised, hu? Not at all? XD
What a pitty. Since this probably is the fastest update of my career on livejournal! Now you're shocked, all right? I don't blame you for not knowing cause my last entry was two weeks ago and this seems to be a pretty long (or at least OK) distance between one entry and another. But for my circumstances it's like I update again just the next day. :D So as a little present for you (and for me, too) I stop talking (writing^^) now and just post my stuff. Quietly. ;)

01-11 Harry Potter
12-20 Matthew Fox
20-25 misc actors/actresses (including: katherine heigl, rachel bilson, clive owen, jennifer aniston, shia labeouf)
26-30 Twilight/New Moon 



and the important last words
(x) please credit this journal if you're taking something (:
(x) comments are
( ) Do not post them anywhere else and claim them as your own
( ) Textless icons aren't bases
( ) Do not hotlink pls

my credits:
thanks to every texture maker from this list (:

the same procedure as every time: have fun + your ankeymoney :p
Tags: !icons, actor:clive owen, actor:jennifer aniston, actor:katherine heigl, actor:matthew fox, actor:rachel bilson, actor:shia labeouf, book:harry potter, movie:harry potter, movie:new moon, movie:twilight

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