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forever is a long, long time when you've lost your way

Hello. Today I'm coming up with the same old, odd story I'm telling in every single entry: it's been a while since the last post and I regret haven't posted that much recently. Annoying story, isn't it? And it's even more annoying because everyone knows  that the promises to post more often and sooner are just lame alibi lies to defend yourself. So I try to refuse writing any of this ideas to protect you from all this lameness.
So - what I have been doing recently? I've got holidays, went to London (which was pretty amazing <3 but I mean is there seriously anyone out there who can resist this unique charme of London? I don't think so), came back, had two really instructive icon battles (topics: tv shows & hot guys. And you're right thinking these are topics you can work with ;3) and made some icons for this post. Aaand watch the end and with the end I mean THE END I'VE WAITED FOR, FOR AGES. I know, I'm too late, but in my country the lost series final aired just some weeks ago and I'm still in a emotional rush, I think. It was just so epic. I cried so much. Ahh. Never new lost again. So I'm repeating the question of the girl of the Jimmy Kimmel's Lost Special: "Now that Lost is over, what am I supposed to do with my life?" :P

01-18 Lost
19-34 Marie Antoinette
35-46 Various Men (from the battle with flupf & christinaa88, see the rest here )



and the important last words
(x) please credit this journal if you're taking something (:
(x) comments are
( ) Do not post them anywhere else and claim them as your own
( ) Textless icons aren't bases
( ) Do not hotlink pls

my credits:
thanks to every texture maker from this list (:

that's all for now. Hope you enjoy this batch.
Love, Ankey :*
Tags: !icons, actor:ashton kutcher, actor:bradley cooper, actor:bradley james, actor:craig horner, actor:ewan mcgregor, actor:jake gyllenhaal, actor:james mcavoy, actor:jude law, actor:kevin mckidd, actor:matthew fox, actor:shia labeouf, actor:zachary quinto, movie:marie antoinette, tv show:lost

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