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it's been so long since I felt at home

This is something like a premiere for me and this journal: a promotion post! Yep, huge thing, I agree. Which brings me to another premiere of mine, I - oh my gosh, I'm really excited about this!! - joined a land comm. It's the first permantly challenge community I'm in, that have teams and several challenges and there are actual points to win. So, kinda big thing, I suggest. And the best thing: you can be part of it, too.

As you can see on the banner it's a lost challenge communitie including all kind of challenges/games. You can get there by clicking the banner above or by going this way: [info]lost_land Please ask for team others, cause you know I'm in this team and this basically means this is the best team, right? :P And if there really is somebody out there who actually join this comm because of recognizing this community by this entry, it would be lovely to tell ankeymoney sent you! :) That will get me and my team points. Thank you very much.
You're also very welcome to comment on the banner above, if you like it or not, I'm always interested in what others think about my work. 
Tags: !banner, !land comm, !lost_land, !promo, tv show:lost

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