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Hellou out there. It's 20in20 time again! :D
It's the last day to put the icons in and I was kinda nervous these days I wouldn't make it, so YAY, I did it. This time my victim was the wonderful and extremly hot Mr Jake Gyllenhaal <3 He deserves more then 20 icons but I wasn't able to produce some alternates since I even dislike some of these a little bit. XD So enjoy and don't worry, I'll be back soon, I applied for the next 20in20 imidietly x) Can't get enough of these little (*cough* little is NOT the wright word for a person like me who needs ages to make a decent icon *coooough*) challenges all over here on livejournal, no matter if I've got time for it or if I rather should do other more important things instead of making icons. What are you saying? Right. Is there something more important than making icons? I DON'T SUGGEST SO EITHER.

[20] Jake Gyllenhaal for guys20in20 



appearanceblack and whitecharactergreenhappy
hotphoto shootromancesmoketext

SPECIAL - Body Parts

#1 - chest#2 - hands#3 - mouth#4 - legs#5 - face


and the important last words
(x) please credit this journal if you're taking something (:
(x) comments are
( ) Do not post them anywhere else and claim them as your own
( ) Textless icons aren't bases
( ) Do not hotlink pls

my credits:
thanks to every texture maker from this list (:
That's my little [haha, you know what I mean xD] entry. :]
Love, Ankey :*
Tags: !20in20, !icons, actor:jake gyllenhaal, challenge

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