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let's exchange the experience - resource list + banner

Hey, everybody. Ankeymoney's there - again. :D But I have to dissapoint you - no Icons in this post - again. :O
What a tragedy! Someone may already wondering if this is actually an icon journal or just a wannabe-icon-journal where no icons are posted at all. But I can send you a all-clear signal: here will be posted icons soon - it's only 2 weeks until the big summer hollidays starts, so I'm going to have much freetime to make more icons and to update this journal. But at first I need something every decent icon poster got - yeah, you're right: a resource list! Because all the awesome people who make textures and share them with the rest of the world who isn't able to do this deserve acknowlegement. Applause for these amazing texture makers but also for the great screencap-sites and every other site which helps me doing what I like to do: making icons and graphics in general. ;D
Aaaand I've got a graphic surprise under the cut. ^__^ 

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The start of a new adventure?

Hello out there, I really don't know how you found out about this livejournal - but it's great that you're here and read these stupid sentences called "my first livejournal entry". Well, maybe it's nothing important - maybe it's the beginning of a new great friendship between me and ... well LJ. :D
I have no idea what to write, I even don't know if anyone will read this. Perhabs it's a good idea to tell you (if you're actually there xD) that I'm 15 years old, from Germany and obsessed with Paintshop Pro and making graphics in general. So I decided to get one of these very exclusive and special things called Livejournal and post my icons here like perhabs 500,000 people on earth do it. So at least I can't tell, that I am alone.
have fun, see ya